Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Judge Parker

Gosh, I must be psychic. Last week in this blog I wondered why Edward Barreto’s art on the Judge Parker comic strip these days didn’t appear to be up to his usual high standard.

In his blog for yesterday (which I just read today), illustrator Michael Manley announced he’s taking over illustration duties on Judge Parker when Barreto retires next month. Manley
cites health concerns as Barreto’s reason for leaving the strip. Which is great for Manley, but I’ll be sorry to see Barreto go. His art has been wonderful.

See Manley’s post here, in which he claims to be a “fan of the classic comic strip.”

You can read my post extolling Barreto’s talents on The Escapists in the second part of my post on that book, which will be up tomorrow, Feb. 25.

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