Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wimbledon Green, Part 2

In Wimbledon Green: The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World, Seth drops in selections from the Golden Age library of said “greatest comic book collector.” Here are a few of those wacky titles, with author’s descriptions:

Mighty Orbit #9 — “Sputnik inspired. Popular robot comic.”

Alimony Comics #3 — “I’m taking every cent,” declares the woman on its cover.

Patty Pigtails #1 — “Irritating girls’ comic.”
The Wubbs, no # — (Inspired by The Gumps maybe?)

Gee #48 — Featuring “the death of Capt. Well-Being.”

Keen Funnies #12 — “One of those perfect Saturday afternoon comics.”

And at the end of Wimbledon Green, the protagonist bids us, “Good night, dear friends.” Melancholy, perplexing at times and quite charming. The book itself, like the made-up Keen Funnies, is nearly perfect.

See Part 1 of my rave on Wimbledon Green here.

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