Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Snow and fashion

Image © Michael Chevy Castranova 2015
I’ve never been to Finland, so I can’t explain, really, how these latest chapters of “Slipped” have come to be set there.
It’s an opportunity to introduce some new characters (such as Johan Aatu, above). Also, I did think it would be a nice change to have the Scarlet Sparrow wearing a bit more clothing than she has of late. The frumpy sweater she has on now, I imagine, won’t last as it’s not very, well, adventurous. But she probably won’t be as minimally dressed as today’s JessicaJones — it’s the 1920s, after all.
And I’ve lived in snow belts most of my life, so I understand snow as a significant factor in a community’s life.
But it just seems to be where we are — somewhere different.
That’s one of things I wanted in this strip — that sense that it goes all over, geographically, but still is one continuous story. As it was with “Terry andthe Pirates” and “Little Orphan Annie,” two of the best newspaper adventure strips. Like most of the run of “Doctor Who,” from the beginning.
Terry gets on a boat or in a plane, Annie gets kidnapped (again), the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS and next thing you know, bam, you’re somewhere new and who knows what comes next  ….

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