Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The adventures of the Silver Sparrow?

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 A few days ago I read on the internet — so it must be true, right? — that “production” has begun on Netflix’s “The Defenders,” to be followed immediately by season 2 of “Jessica Jones.”
I’m not completely certain what “in production” means, but it sounds positive. Filming already? Writing scripts? Thinking about writing scripts?
I’ve seen no indication as to when either show might be available for viewing, but clearly not soon enough. Which in a perfect, fair and just world would be tomorrow.
Jessica Jones,” by episode 3 or 4, became one of my top five TV shows of all time.
In the meantime, we have the non-super-powered female hero of “Slipped,” Tyler Wilson, sometimes aka the Scarlet Sparrow. Her not-always-well-meaning sister Mendacity has returned.
I am toying with the notion of following Mendacity — the Silver Sparrow? — in her own adventures when she returns to Paris to fight off the invading legions of giant Rongeurs at least for a little while. (Remember: Rongeur are really big rats to begin with. And now some have been injected with a formula that makes them even bigger.)
But Tyler tends to get upset when she’s left out of the storyline for too long. And she and Pip have their own escapdes.
So we’ll see. As they used to say on Doctor Who, back when it was worth watching: Time will tell. It always does.
Follow this link to catch up on “Slipped.” It’ll be fun.

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